Welcome to my World War 2 Airplanes Blog

I was a pretty young kid during WWII but I grew up fascinated with the various aircraft we – and our allies – built during the war. Even as a child, my head was filled with thoughts of B-24s, B-17s, B-25s, Spitfires, and my personal favorite, the twin-boomed P-38 Night Fighter. I can even remember buiding models of some of the aircraft – though I must admit, they didn’t turn our very well.

Shortly after the war, my favorite aunt and uncle game me a 0.24 gas airplne engine. I bench mounted it and literally wore a groove in my finger turning over the prop – trying to get the darn thing started. I wanted to put it on an RC plane I had built. But … no luck. No matter how many times I spun that plastic blade, it just wouldn’t run. I can’t tell you how frustrating this was.

In any event, I decides to create this blog as a sort of memorial to the aircraft – and the men who flew them – that helped us win the war. WWII seems even more amazing in retrospect, to think that the whole thing lasted only about four years and here we’ve been in Afghanistan for more than eight.

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