Boon Orb Bottle Warmer review

By · Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

This warmer comes from a fairly brand-new company called Boon. The United States based firm (Chandler, Arizona) assures to deliver not only stylishly designed as well as practical baby product but also provide them at competitive price level. Their Orb warmer satisfy all these promises.
The tool is well design to eat as little counter space as feasible yet retain capability and also integrity. It’s white as well as round in shape. The minimalistic design of Boon Orb symbolizes the exact same idea standing behind Avent Express Bottle Warmer.

The large stable attributes non-skid base to keep it in position. This likewise makes running it with one hand very easy. There are eco-friendly accents on it as well as two of them are rounded button-like wheels. One on the front as well as one on the back. The one on the front is a an on-off button as well as one on the back is in fact a cover of a graduated tube that is located inside the warmer. It works as a measure for water and also after filling the chamber can be stuck back inside the warmer.

The vast chamber accommodates not just routine baby bottle warmer but also broad neck kind bottles such as Tommee Tippee, Avent Natural, Medela, Dr. Brown as well as Comotomo. For some wide bottles to fit the environment-friendly insert around the neck of the warmer needs to be eliminated. Boon Orb also comes with a special insert which can be utilized with thinner containers. You can also utilize it to heat up infant food jars in it. A special basket (consisted of) comes handy to put them inside as well as eliminate from the home heating chamber.


There is blue light that begins when the warmer is switched on and also comes off when the heating procedure is finished. There is, however, no acoustic signal indicating that the bottle is ready.

Alleviate of use

This warmer is incredibly easy to use. The only point you need to recognize is just how much water to make use of. You can discover this information in the manual. As soon as you recognize how much water is required for the kind and also dimension of containers you use you merely put it right into the chamber and also turn the device on. There is no have to readjust temperature or time. As the home heating medium it this case is vapor the bottle heats up promptly and also evenly. It will likewise instantly switch off when completed. This auto-off feature is the most essential benefit over Avent Bottle Warmer as well as is not just convenient when walking around your house with weeping child yet likewise gives extra level of protection in case you fail to remember to switch it off.

Important think before utilizing it both for the very first time and when you determine to make use of different containers is the cooling time. After each usage when the warmer buttons of you need to wait for 10 minutes to transform it on once more. So ensures to read the handbook and also obtain useded with the amount of water to make use of. Or else if you use insufficient water you might wind up with a bottle still cold as well as a weeping child in your hand. Awaiting 10 minutes in such conditions is ensured to be difficult. This is why reading the guidebook in advance is so essential. You may likewise leave testing new containers with this warmer for other times compared to 3am.

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